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BR Metal Equipment Information

Unlimited Metal Fabrication Capabilities

Experience the power and precision of our advanced metal fabrication equipment. Our state-of-the-art machinery and expert technicians ensure unparalleled precision and efficiency in every project we undertake. Choose us for your metal fabrication needs to take your project to the next level.

BR Metal's presents its capabilities in metal fabrication

Plant 1 Equipment

Brake Presses

  • Amada Brake Press: HD1003NT/Astro ATC
  • (x2) Safan- Darley Brake Press: E-Brake 35-1250
  • Safan- Darley Brake Press: 100-3100
  • Safan- Darley Brake Press:160T Ultra
  • Safan- Darley Brake Press: 100T
  • Safan- Darley Brake Press: 130T Ultra
  • Cincinnati Brake Press: 60 ton 4’
  • Cincinnati Brake Press: 90 ton 6’


  • Mitsubishi Laser: ML3015SR-F40 (Fiber)
  • Mitsubishi Laser: 40CFX / ML3015L VPLUS
  • Mitsubishi Laser: ML45CFR / ML3015EX
  • Mitsubishi Laser: ML45CFR / ML3015EX

Turret Presses

  • Amada Turret Press: Pega 30-40-40
  • Amada Turret Press: Pega 30-40-50


  • Cincinnati Shear: 10' .250 max

Vibe Bowls

  • Vibe Tech Vibe Bowl: 4’

Time Saver

  • Costa Levigatrici Time Saver: 4’

Degreaser Tanks

  • Degreaser tank: 4’

Inspection Tables


Plant 2 Equipment

CNC Mills

  • Proto-Trak CNC MILL: FHM 5
  • Proto-Trak CNC MILL: FHM 7

Milling Machines

  • Clausing/Proto-Trak Milling Machine: Mx2

Vertical Machining Center

  • (x2) Fryer Vertical Machining Center: MC-45
  • Haas Vertical Machining Center: Super Mini Mill

CNC Lathes

  • Miyano CNC Lathe: BNA-425/with bar-feeder (M-542)
  • Miyano CNC Lathe: BNX51/with bar-feeder (TURBO 5-55)
  • Miyano CNC Lathe: BNA-4252/with bar-feeder (M-542)
  • Fryer CNC Lathe: Easy-Turn

Drill Presses

  • (x2) Power Matic Drill Press: 1200
  • ARBOGA Drill Press: GM 3512

Wend Grinders

  • Chevalier Wet Grinder: FSG-3A1224H

Hand Surface Grinders

  • Covel Hand Surface Grinder: 5" X 10"

Band Saws

  • Well Saw Band Saw: Horizontal 1016
  • DO-ALL Band Saw: Vertical DBW-1A

CNC Band Saws

  • HEM CNC Band Saw: V100LA-4

CNC Punch Presses

  • Komatsu CNC Punch Press: H1 F200-11 (Coil-Fed)
  • Komatsu CNC Punch Press: H1F 110-11 (Coil-Fed)
  • Komatsu CNC Punch Press: H1F 150-2 (Coil-Fed)

Punch Presses

  • Verson Punch Press: 75-OBI
  • Bliss Punch Press: 100
  • Verson Punch Press: 200
  • Stamtec Punch Press: OCP-80
  • Minster Punch Press: 6 OBI

Iron Workers

  • (x2) Piranha Iron Worker P50

MIG Welders

  • Lincoln MIG Welder: Power MIG 255

Inspection Tables


Plant 3 Equipment

Stroke Sanders

  • (x3) Stroke Sander: 264” BELT

Wet Dust Collectors

  • Hydrotron Wet Dust Collector: NG HWF-6-85-20-C
  • Hydrotron Wet Dust Collector: NG HWF-5-50-10

Stud Welders

  • Image Industries Stud Welder: CD66 / B8RA092

Electro Cleaners

  • TIG Brush TBE-550 Electro Cleaner: TBE-550

Miller Welders

  • (x4) Dynasty Miller (TIG) Welder: 210
  • Dynasty Miller (TIG) Welder: 400
  • (x7) MillerMatic Miller (MIG) Welder: 350P
  • Invision Miller (MIG) Welder: 352 MPA

Miller Wire Feeders

  • Miller Wire Feeder: D-74-MPA Plus

Miller Robots

  • (x2) Panasonic Miller Robot: MIG / TIG
  • Panasonic Miller Robot: MIG

Rolling Machines

  • Americor Rolling Machine: LH-120/5


  • Amada Spot-Welder: ID40IVST
  • Taylor Winfield Spot-Welder: 451177
  • Teledyne Peer Spot-Welder: AR475
  • Thomson Gibb Spott-Welder: 16107
  • Acro Spot-Welder: 68009
  • Kranitz Corp Spot-Welder: KVA150

Tap Machines

  • SpeedyCut Tap Machine: SIV2-1054
  • SpeedyCut Tap Machine: SIV2-1054

Pem Machines

  • (x6) Auto-Sert Pem Machine: AS-7
  • Auto-Sert Pem Machine: AS-10

Rivet Machines

  • Superior Rivet Machine: D1907

Lincoln Robots

  • Fanuc Lincoln Robot: MIG / F-65940

Welding Positioners

  • MBC Welding Positioner: R948 / 200 lb. Capacity

Inspection Tables

  • Granite (49” X 71”) Inspection Table: Grade A

Plant 4 Equipment

Push/Pull Racking Systems

  • GFS Push/Pull Tracking System: Mono-Rail Trolley System

Wash Systems

  • Riveer Wash System: 6-stage w/ RO system (3-bay)

Dry-Off Ovens

  • GFS Dry-Off: 3-Bay

Main Powder Booths

  • GFS Main Powder Booth: Up to (4) painters at once

Secondary Booths

  • GFS Secondary Booth: Up to (2) painters at once

R&D Booths

  • GFS R&D Booth: 1 painter/ proto-types/ R&D

Main Bake Off Ovens

  • GFS Main Bake-Off Oven: Dual Oven

R&D Bake-Off Ovens

  • GFS R&D Bake-Off Oven: push racks/ proto-types/ R&D

Pad Printers

  • Trans Tech Pad Printer: Single-stroke
  • (x2) Printex Pad Printer: Double-Stroke
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