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Peripheral Mounts

We offer Peripheral brackets to mount bump bars and controllers, as well as other miscellaneous components that complement installation of your video display systems and LCDs.

Bump Bars

  • Mounts/holders enable mounting directly to wall, countertop or to the 100D293 Bump Bar Arm. (See below)
  • Clamp mount available. (Contact us for further information)
  • Available in powder coated finish or stainless steel.

QSR (EG150)

  • Fits QSR KP Series bump bar
  • Includes retaining clip to secure bump bar in place.

Logic Controls (EG170)

  • Fits Logic Controls KB Series bump bar
  • Includes retaining clip to secure bump bar in place.

Oracle (100D295)

  • Adapter plate for Oracle bump bar used with bump bar arm (100D293), will install bump bar below display using any of our mounts.

Bump Bar Arm (100D293)

  • Attaches to the backside of the VESA plate on any of our brackets, positioning the bump bar conveniently below the display.

Controller Pockets

Controller Pocket

  • We have stock controller pockets to accommodate the top manufacturers. Please contact us and we will confirm the specific model that you require.
  • Pockets can be wall/surface mounted or to all our mounts.


Ceiling Rod Kit

We offer a ceiling rod kit with everything that you need to install our Flat Panel Display Ceiling Mounts to the structure above. The kit includes one (of each) 3-foot and 4-foot threaded rods and all the necessary components/hardware to fasten a ceiling bracket to the roof support structure. Whether your structure are trusses or wooden rafters, our unistrut type channel (included in the kit) will enable complete installation. Finally, also included is a vanity tube and a flashing plate to conceal cables/wires to give you a professional installation.


Vanity Tubes

  • Vanity tube conceals cables/wires from the top our ceiling mount to the ceiling tile above, providing a clean, finished look.


  • Most commonly ordered when converting your dual (DBL) ceiling mount to individual mounted ceiling brackets, to install in different locations.

Ceiling Tile Flashing Plate

  • Flashing plate conceals hole through ceiling tile. Available in white or black.

Ceiling Rod/Pipe Adapter

  • Our proprietary design Rod/Pipe Adapter provides safe installation of our Flat Panel Display Ceiling Mounts, by eliminating any possibility of the mount loosening or falling while swiveling the display from side to side.