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Metal Component Assembly for commercial and industrial businesses


Metal Component Assembly Services in Wisconsin

We pride ourselves on delivering precision and perfection to you during every step of the metal manufacturing process. We handle the most intricate and specific pieces of your product with care and attention to detail - let us use our expertise to assemble the whole product for you!

Metal Component Assembly in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin
Custom Packaging available in Southeastern Wisconsin

Custom Packaging for Your Product

Your product is valuable, and your packaging should protect it. Take your finished product to the next level with custom packaging from BR Metal Technology. We can box or bag your product individually or in bulk containers, ensuring your product arrives ready to ship straight to your customers or distributors.

By choosing us to package your products, your customers will receive a professionally finished solution for their needs that’s properly padded and ready to go.

The Whole Package

BR Metal Technology strives to provide the finest metal fabrication services while offering outstanding customer service. We build great relationships with our customers because your happiness matters to us, and your customers do, too. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and commitment to superior quality production guarantees you get the completed product your company needs quickly and at the lowest possible cost.

Whether you need a few finishing touches or complete assembly and packaging, we’ll add value to your product and streamline your production schedule so you can focus on other parts of your business and keep your day running smoothly.

Start simplifying your production process today