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Custom Precision CNC Machining Services near Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

CNC Machining

Custom Precision CNC Machining Services in Southeastern Wisconsin

BR Metal Technology utilizes state-of-the-art CNC machining technology to manufacture the highest quality precision parts available.

Whether your product requires milling, turning, or other machining processes, we have the expertise and equipment to deliver on even the tightest tolerances.

Custom Precision CNC Machining Services in Southeast Wisconsin
Wisconsin Custom Precision CNC Machining Services from BR Metal

Custom Ordering Options & Flexible Sizing

At BR Metal Technology, we specialize in rapid prototype manufacturing. Our team’s expertise in design and engineering allows us to get you quick prototypes to get you rolling quicker!

With the fastest possible turnaround

WITHOUT sacrificing quality

Our highly trained team handles any order of any size. We ensure perfection, every time.

  • Custom component manufacturing
  • Short-run productions
  • Small batch orders

Outstanding Service + Quality Equipment

With decades of experience, the dedicated team at BR Metal Technology leads with excellent customer service and attention to detail. Our equipment is updated regularly and our extensive manufacturing capabilities deliver accurate, timely results for your project.

We’re Ready for Your Toughest Job.